Accumulative Advantage

Accumulative Advantage or the Matthew Effect

In sociology, the Matthew effect (or accumulated advantage) is the phenomenon where “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer“.[1][2] In both its original and typical usage it is meant metaphorically to refer to issues of fame or status but it may also be used literally to refer to cumulative advantage of economic capital. The term was first coined by sociologist Robert K. Merton in 1968 and takes its name from a line in the biblical Gospel of Matthew:

For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken even that which he hath. —Matthew 25:29, King James Version.

Regardless of what you may think, there are those who long ago found ancient documented wisdom that lead to them understanding – Accumulative Advantage.  Today, people do not have because they don’t understand the scientific and spiritual principles of the Matthew effect or Accumulative Advantage.

Join Us Or Don’t Join Us, Your Decision Will Either Cause You To Accumulate Or Not!

The Spirit Genius of Building An Exponential Growth Organization

What is the spirit of Accumulative Advantage Exponential growth?

It is when you realize you really have something to offer a hand full of people.  They may be friends, relatives, co-workers, or in some cases people you’ve just met.  But because of the fire which has been ignited and is burning within you, you just can’t help not only telling them about what’s going on.  You really want them to take part in what you’re doing  BECAUSE IT WILL BE GOOD FOR THEM BY MAKING THIRE LIFE BETTER FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILY.

Yes I know people will tell you, you have to do a mass email campaign, you need to talk to a least two (2) people a day about your business and you need to pass out at least 10 DVD or CDs.  But that’s not the spirit of exponential growth, that’s the spirit of fear and recklessness.  This causes you to look busy and makes you think you are busy but you’re not making any money!

The Accumulative Advantage principle naturally causes exponential growth.  For example; you’ve been out of work for a year or more and have put in application everywhere you can think of.  It seems everyone in the world has your resume.  One day the phone rings and the person on the end states that they are from the Ford Motor Company and they want you to come to work.  But hold on!  Than they tell you that every other month your will get a raise that is the equivalent of 40% of what you earned two (2) months before.  They go on to say, we see you don’t have a high school diploma, your credit score is very low and it doesn’t seem you work that well with others but that’s ok.  You can start next week!

Now you can’t tell me you would not run through the house yelling “I got a job, I got a job, let me call this one, then let me call that one, oh and I can’t forget to call so in so!  THAT IS THE SPIRIT OF ACCUMULATIVE ADVANTAGES EXPONENTIAL GROWTH.  Your joy, your happiness and your good fortune is going to positively affect many or just a hand full.

So it is with working with us if you don’t see and understand how good and wonderful what we have to offer is – no problem, this may not be for you!  And it just may not be your time to see or hear.

When something good happens in your life, you want everybody to know that you have good news!  Some of those people that you call to tell them about your new job you may have borrowed money from and they’re happy because they’ll get paid back.  Look below at the  graph of an exponential growth curve which illustrates how it takes a long time for the numbers to add up – (just like it took for you to get a job)  the growth curve is nearly flat and the increase practically indiscernible for some time.

However, there is a point in the curve where it finally goes from nearly flat to nearly straight up! This is THE pivotal moment in Accumulative Advantage and relationship marketing – the point at which you are rewarded for all your hard work and dedication. If you stick with it until you reach the “exponential” point on the curve, you will begin to experience a dramatic increase in your income.

An excellent and often used example of exponential growth is the one in which you are given a choice of either $100,000 cash today or a penny a day doubled for a month. Most people choose $100,000 cash today because, “a bird in the hand in worth two in the bush.”  But the bird-in-the-hand folks who opt for $100K today miss out on over 10 1/2 million dollars at the end of the month!  Here is what happens if you opt for a penny a day double for a month: on Day 31 you would have an eye-popping $10,737,418!

Unfortunately, the majority of network marketers simply give up too soon. To be realistic, they need to take a long-range view of their relationship marketing business by making a commitment to hang in there long enough to hit that curve. It takes determination and longevity. Having a DREAM and establishing goals can bolster your determination and help give you the staying power you need.  And that’s where a good coach comes in!

One of the major factors that discourages network marketers and delays the achievement of their goals is attrition. Attrition happens when people you’ve worked hard to recruit quit or drop out. When this happens, it can be a major disappointment and make you feel like you will NEVER get there.  Article Source:

If you start your business today and you attempt to “sponsor” one new person each and every month for a year, and in turn teach that person to do the same thing, look what happens to your business by the end of that year!

In your first month, you “sponsor” one new person to do the business with you and teach them how to do the business and how to “sponsor” people. You now have 2 people in your organization.

Month two, you each “sponsor” one and teach them to do the same; you now have 4 people in your organization!

Month three, you each “sponsor” one and teach them to do the same; you now have 8 people in your organization!

Month four, you each “sponsor” one and teach them to do the same; you now have 16 people in your organization!

Month five, you each “sponsor” one and teach them to do the same; you now have 32 people in your organization!

Month six, you each “sponsor” one and teach them to do the same; you now have 64 people in your organization!

Month seven, you each “sponsor” one and teach them to do the same, you now have 128 people in your organization!

Month eight, you each “sponsor” one and teach them how to do the same, you now have 256 people in your organization!

Month nine, you each “sponsor” one and teach them to do the same; you now have 512 people in your organization!

Month ten, you each “sponsor” one and teach them how to do the same; you now have 1024 people in your organization!

Month eleven, you each “sponsor” one person and teach them how to do the same; you now have 2048 people in your organization!

And finally:

Month twelve, you each “sponsor” one person and teach them how to do the same; you now have 4096 people in your organization! (You only personally “sponsored” 12 people into your organization!) AMAZING!

I am sure you got the gist of this example “months” ago, but I wanted to fully illustrate how relationship marketing or affiliate is not only a business of helping other, but a business of duplication. These ideas should be foreign to most because they are not ideas followed in traditional marketing.  Show me another form of business that can produce that many clients (or employees) that quickly and still maintain excellent customer service. I dare you to! In affiliate marketing, you are not responsible for all the people in your organization, just those you personally “sponsor.” So, in the example above, you are directly responsible for the “one” person you “sponsor” each month. You need to get used to this new form of marketing sometimes called Multi-Level Marketing! Some people (in the example above) would “sponsor” more than one person a month and (the sad truth is) some people don’t ever “sponsor” anyone, but you see the type of exponential growth we are talking about and why I feel this form of relationship marketing/ affiliate is the vehicle to take anyone to their financial independence and to help get coach across the county additional clients. Try the above example with “2” “3” or “5” or even “10” and see if that doesn’t get you excited!

For more information and to contact a premier Coach and Sponsor send an email to:

David Tate, Veni Vidi Vici


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