The Inspirational Genius Will Come From You Understanding Exponential Growth – Math; Hold The Solution To Your Financial Problem(s)

An excellent and often used example of exponential growth is the one in which you are given a choice of either $100,000 cash today or a penny a day doubled for a month. Most people choose $100,000 cash today because, “a bird in the hand in worth two in the bush.”  But the bird-in-the-hand folks who opt for $100K today miss out on over 10 1/2 million dollars at the end of the month!  Here is what happens if you opt for a penny a day double for a month: on Day 31 you would have an eye-popping $10,737,418!

Unfortunately, the majority of people simply give up too soon. To be realistic, they need to take a long-range view of their short term plan.  Having a DREAM and establishing goals can bolster your determination and help give you the staying power you need.  And that’s where a good coach comes in!

However, in this case how many people do you think will line up at your door when they realize that indeed they can join a group that will show them how to turn $3500 into $21,000 in a month or so.  So I ask the question; If I can show you how to receive $21,000 in the next month or two would are you be interested in knowing how?  Wait!  I know you don’t believe it and that’s ok!  Just because we don’t believe something, it does not mean it’s not true.  It just means YOU don’t believe it and again, that’s ok.

So let me assume for a moment you don’t believe it but sure would like to find out if it’s true.  Remember, above you didn’t believe the pennies a day would turn into 10 million plus.  Moving right along :o)  Aside from learning arithmetic again, take a look at the video testimonials on my other site:  Also sign up now, to receive our up-dates. 


About David Tate, Veni Vidi Vici

Executive Coach; Teacher, of Accumulative Advantage and "How to win at the Affiliate marketing game"
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