Dogs and cats are kids too…..

Dogs and cats are kids too…..

Two thirds of Americans live with an animal, stated by the 2011 Harris poll, 90 percent of pet owners consider their pet as a part of their family. Dogs and cats are seen as kids by many people around the world. Dogs and cats are kids as well because their owner or parents if you will take great care of them, look out for them, spend loads of their hard earned money on them, and most importantly love them truly and deeply.
Dogs and cats bond with their owners to the point when they know when something is wrong with them. There are many similarities between Dogs, cats and kids. You can clearly see that these pets inevitably have a connection with their owner, just like human kids inevitably have a connection with their parents. The relationship built between dogs and cats are parallels to the connection felt with kids and their parents, therefore Dogs and cats are kids to their owners. It is scientifically proven that Dogs and kids bond through eye contact.

Kids just like pets are generally hyper and very playful when younger. Dogs and cats are kids too because of the strong bond between them and their family members. Pet owners are very careful about what they are doing with their pets because they truly care about their pets.

Parents are very protective about what their children can and cannot truly care about their children. Parents make sacrifices for both their kids and pets, for example using their time to make them happy. Both kids and pets love to play with their friends. Pets and kids are both very emotional. Both pets and kids do cry, pets just in a different way. Both your pets and your kids start understanding basic commands at a young age. For example when your kid or pet do something wrong and you say

“No!” they gradually learn that “No!” means don’t do it. And for the most part Cats, Dogs, and Kids all get along insanely well, and have a strong bond. One can clearly notice that all of the similarities between your kids and your pets aren’t just a coincidence. Pets are undoubtedly kids.

Cats, Dogs, Children, are all the same. Owners and parents are the same as well. Cats and dogs are children to the owners therefore making them a parent. Dogs and cats are kids too.

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