The Big Picture

Being able to see the big picture is not always easy for some and easy for others.
Regardless of what category you fit into, the important thing is you’re able to
realize and understand at some point the parts that make up the big picture.


When I first started to bring all I had learned together to form a understandable, sustainable, consistent, money earning, system, I didn’t always know where it was going and where it would end up. The reason is often we need to let the Universe lead us.

So lets take a look at the full picture and you tell me if I’ve done a good job or not.
Phase 1. What is needed to have any kind of successful business is a controlled, continual flow of client / customers. the life blood of any enterprise, regardless if you’re a
Doctor – you need patience, Teacher – you need students, or police officer – without
criminals you’re out of a job :o.  In phase 1. I’ve offer you that system to include a data
base of millions of people looking for ways to augment their existing income see:

Phase 2. Education – to the best of my knowledge the World Learning Institute is the only e-learning institute, which only teaches subject matter(s) dealing with money (forms of currency). And enlightens those of you who know you’re in the dark, when it comes to Cryptocurrencies.


Top 5 Best Cryptocurrencies & Alt-coins Investment:
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Bitcoin ( BTC )
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

All around you and under your finger tips is a wold you may know nothing about and many more are unaware as to how to take advantage of Cryptocurrencies.

Phase 3. Economic development from the outside inThis has to do with local economic development of individuals and families.  Teaching, showing and assisting each to establish their own Family Banking System (and it does not cost much at all).

Upon reaching the goal of 5000 members we will be able to establish a Peer to Peer lending group, enabling our members to by-pass the existing banking systems.


To summarize; 1. lead capture and lead generation. 2. Education first dealing with the way we think so we can align our minds with the Universe, which give us the ability to rule money instead of money ruling us. 3. This vast community will spread its wings and engulf one another in community, respect and compassion for the good of all. For questions, I can be reached at:

About David Tate, Veni Vidi Vici

Executive Coach; Teacher, of Accumulative Advantage and "How to win at the Affiliate marketing game"
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