A National Nubian Distribution Chanel

If manufacturers had no distribution channels, their product would remain on the loading docks of their plant.  If distributors could not receive distribution they would have no product to sell.

As long as the African American community continues to be void of  the ability to  establish far reaching distribution channels; its 1.2 trillion dollars will continue to be spent outside of our community.

Take a look at sites like We Buy Black or Black Mall  or maybe you’ve visited the The Buy Black Movement website  all of these are marvelous visual experiences, and certainly its wonderful to have a few thousand entrepreneurs, exchanging goods and services.  However, what has been needed for over a 100 plus years are our own ways and means to manufacture, ship, distributing and servicing products and professional services.

As you view the sites above I need you to understand, vendors on those sites have a distribution problem.  No matter how wonderful their products are they’re only selling to a small segment of the population.  Not because of ethnicity but because of the lack of getting products into the larger markets and on the shelves of major chains.

So is the solution having our own manufacturing plants?  A resounding YES?  Can we say shipping, manufactures representatives, national and local distributors are needed.  Again, a resounding YES!!  But I suggest and believe the bottom line answer is re-educating our people and establishing a new means of exchange.

The wealth disparity in this country is nothing new it just gets more and more entrenched.  Its not about getting the boot of wealth suppression off my throat so I can put my boot on someone else.  Its about realistically leveling the financial playing field by any means necessary to the best of our ability.

So we the Nubian Consortium suggest and propose that we the people, have our own Bitcoin  and Bill Gates, along with others explain and address this new means of exchange.

For more information on our plan; the steps we’ve already taken, how we intend on accomplishing this and the positive cash flow monsoon it will cause individuals, and merchants to experience in our community – Send just $3 to our Paypal account: (Invest506@yahoo.com) to be added to our News Letter subscription list and to receive my eBook.  Plus to help you get started on your possibly new way of looking at the world of currency as a means of exchange – I will send you my FREE book entitled A Better You.



About David Tate, Veni Vidi Vici

Executive Coach; Teacher, of Accumulative Advantage and "How to win at the Affiliate marketing game"
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