Gods Money – Silver and Gold

Be sure to remember you read it here first.  The problems with mankind is and always has been some one wanting what someone else has.  From that sprang the desire to have your land, your water, daughter your money and so on.

This is as simple as it is So thousands of years ago the first person said “give me your money and I’ll give you a piece of paper stating I have your money.”  Notice, he now has your money (gold, silver, land, spices) whatever and you have a piece of paper.  

In Plato’s Utopia – Plato talks about both persuasion vs force, engagement vs propaganda”, and another factor namely comfort vs excessive pain or pleasure” in his dialogues. Click here 

The method used to take your land or your money may differ but it remains the same.  You get paper, they get real value.  My solution is you keep your real money – Gods money and let them keep their worthless paper.

In Plato’s time so called money was a means of exchange; silver, gold, spices, silk, etc.  Who’s telling the truth to the masses?  Fast forward after million, no trillions of dollars being lost by tens of thousands of people not one Pastor, not one school teacher or Priest has said “enough is enough, this paper is worthless let’s go back to using Gods money.

Moving into True Money

Why are people around world continuing to convert their labor into Depreciating Fiat Paper, when we could convert our labor into an appreciating tangible asset with intrinsic value?

Silver offers the opportunity to move into true money, what I call Gods Money. An actual store of value, with the potential for substantial gains in future years as its current cycle continues.  Isn’t it time for you to protect yourself and your family by acquiring silver with intrinsic value and insulate yourself from the wealth destructive policies of central bankers?  If you don’t have the answer, call someone in Greece.

In Mike’s words: “Gold and silver have revalued themselves throughout the centuries and called on fiat paper to account for itself.” (Page 202 Of Guide To Investing In Gold And Silverhttp://goldsilver.com/books/  

If history serves as any reference, we are poised to repeat the accounting of the Depression Era and the 70’s which put precious metal holder’s on top.  Stay tuned!!!

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